leftAssessment Appeal Services


With 4 years of service on the Mono County Assessment Appeals Board and more than 24 years in helping owner's determine the fair assessed value of their properties, you can rest assured that Matthew Lehman Appraisal is your source for reliable tax assessment services.


In California, your property taxes are assessed through your County Assessor and collected by way of the County Tax Collector. 


Different than most other states, California is subject to Proposition 13, a bill that basically limits the Assessor from increasing the Assessed Value of your property by more than 2% per year, unless the property undergoes substantial changes or transferred.


Additionally, Californians are have the ability to contest the value of their properties in the event that the assessed value exceeds the current market value.   This can be done a number of ways and can vary slightly from County to County.   If an owner, or agent for the owner, is unable to resolve a disputed value with the county assessors office, applicants are able to appeal the value to the Assessment Appeals Board.  


If you feel that your current assessed value exceeds the current market value of your property, or if you have any questions regarding the appeals process, give us a call and see if we can help.   We have specialists that work specifically in the Assessment Appeals Process and a staff with more than 20 years, and 1000's of appeals, experience in this area.


For properties located in Mono County, or Mammoth Lakes please call 760-934-4151.