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      HM21R Anti - corrosive Liquid Level Transducer


      HM21R anti - corrosive liquid level transducer is a new liquid level - measuring series product specially measuring sea water level and viscous and corrosive liquid level using the state–of–the–art technology of German HELM. It adopts German HELM made titanium alloy large flat membrane sensor as well as advanced manufacturing and encapsulating technology, supported with high–accuracy electronic elements, to great enhance service life and comprehensive performance of the product. It adopts internationally state–of–the–art ceramic capacitor sensor and adopts dry pressure measuring technology with intermediate liquid, thick membrane electronic technology, surface mount technology (SMT) and PFM signal transferring technology to fully play a role of technical advantages for ceramic capacitor sensor, with strong anti–corrosive, anti–overloading, and anti–impact capacity, high stability, and very high accuracy of measurement. This series of product may widely used for such corrosive and viscous liquid level measurement and control field as sea water level etc.

      Features of Product

      ☆ Strong corrosive resistance; 

      ☆ Large flat membrane design and good clogging resistance; 

      ☆ Wide range of measurement, from micro pressure 0.5m to high pressure 200m; 

      ☆ Strong anti–overloading and anti–impact capacity, with over pressure up to several dozens times to several hundred times of scale; 

      ☆ Adoption of imported ceramic capacitor sensor, with strong signal output, high comprehensive accuracy, and good stability; 

      ☆ Small temperature drifting due to without intermediate liquid for measuring element

      Application of Product


      Measuring range

      0 ~ 0.5m…200m

      Overloading capacity

      Three times of maximum rated pressure

      Medium to be measured

      The medium compatible with Al2O3

      Overall accuracy

       ± 0.1% FS 

       ± 0.25% FS

       ± 0.4% FS

       ± 1% FS

      Long-term stability

      Typical:  ± 0.1% FS / year   

      Maximum:  ± 0.2% FS

      Range of operating temperature

      Integrated: - 20℃~70℃

      Split (Inserted): - 20℃~80℃

      Range of compensating temperature

      Integrated: - 10℃~55℃

      Split (Inserted): - 10℃~70℃

      Zero point temperature drifting

      Typical:  ± 0.02% FS / ℃

      Maximum: ± 0.05% FS / ℃

      Sensitivity temperature drifting

      Typical:  ± 0.02% FS / ℃

      Maximum:  ± 0.05% FS / ℃

      Range of power supplying

      12 ~ 36V DC( generally 24V DC)

      Signal output

      4~20mA    / 1 - 5V DC / 0~5V DC

      Load resistance

      ≤(U - 12) / 0.02Ω

      Material of structure

      Enclosure: 316L    (optional)

      Membrane: Titanium alloy

      Sealing: Fluo–silicon rubber

      Cable: ¢7.2mm PVC, special

      Insulation resistance

      100MΩ, 500V DC

      Protection degree

      Enclosure protection degree IP68



      Safe explosion - proof

      Ex ia II CT5

      Response time

      ≤ 2ms


      Infinite small (theoretical) 1 / 100000 (general)


      Approx. 250g

      Product selection


      Anti - corrosive Liquid Level Transducer


      Guideline of Selection

      Anti -    corrosive Liquid Level Transducer



      Measuring Range


      0 ~ X m or 0 ~ X KPa





      Structural form (maximum range of operating scale)





      Integrated: (0 ~ 200m)





      Split:  (0 ~ 10m)





      Inserted;  (0 ~ 4m)







      Overall accuracy (linear + repeatability + lagging)







       ± 0.1% FS







       ± 0.4% FS







       ± 0.25% FS







       ± 0.1% FS









      Signal Output (standard power supply of energization









      4 ~ 20mA(12 ~ 36V DC)









      1 ~ 5V(12 ~ 36V DC)









      0 ~ 5V DC(12 ~ 36V DC)











      Additional functions











      G 1 1 / 2 external thread (split and inserted)











      DN 20 flange (split and inserted)






















      Intrinsically safe explosion - proof type Ex ia II CT5











      Lightning type













      HM21R ( 0 ~ 10m)  

      — C1

      — 1

      — A1

      — E

      Anti - corrosive Liquid Level Transducer

      Tips of Selection 

       The medium to be measured shall be compatible with the material contacting with the product. Meanwhile, it is needed to be indicated with density of the medium to be measured under the measuring status (except for water). The F1, F2, and F0 shown as the additional functions are only suitable for split–type liquid level transducer and inserted–type liquid level transducer. The code E, an additional functional code for selection, and intrinsically safe explosion-proof Ex ia II CT5 must be power supplied via safety barrier. The length of cable shall be L = X m + 1m. Please indicate for extension when placing an order. There are two kinds of cable material. The polyurethane is more flexible with good wear resistance, which may be selectively used. Under the condition without special indication, the PVC cables shall be supplied. The corresponding relationship of 1m water column under standard condition ( i.e. 4℃, g = 9.80665 m / s2) shall be 1 mH2O = 0.1kgf / cm2 = 9.8kPa Please contact us in case of the other special requirements and clearly indicate them when placing an order.


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