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      HM3051 Intellectual Differential pressure transducer


      HM3051 Intellectual / non -intellectual differential pressure transducer is a new type of instrument that we researched and developed according to internationally state – of – the – art technology and incorporating with many domestic technologies. This instrument adopts micro – processing technology for temperature characteristic and non – linear compensation to greatly enhance the instrument temperature – measuring accuracy, to improve temperature characteristic, and to expand the measuring scale ratio, which may be added with intellectual function to further meet the requirements of high reliability and high stability of the instrument on the industrial sites. Adoption of digital technology in the capacitor – type pressure / differential pressure transducer may not only ensure high reliability of the instrument and the other superior performance, but also realize remote digital connection between the intellectual instrument and the control room. You may remotely enquire or make a real–time configuration from the control room. The sensitive elements of this intellectual transducer are same as those of general HM1151 series of capacitor – type transducer. Likewise, it features good stability and reliability.

      Features of Product

      Application of Product



      The intellectual PCB is provided with advanced IC and SMT technology to    integrate the converting circuit, processing circuit on one circuit. The    micro – processor of the transducer controls the A / D and D / A converting    module. Meanwhile, it also performs digital communication and self –    diagnosis function. When working, the micro – processor controls the A / D    converting module for sampling conversion of the analog signals from the    sensitive elements and converts them into digital signal so that the micro –    processor can process the digital signal including signal linearization, temperature    compensation, engineering unit conversion etc.  The micro – processor may also perform the    characterization of sensor, measuring scale, damping time, and the other    functions. E2PROM can memorize all the configurations and micro – adjustable    parameters. Because a memory is Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), the parameters memorized    will not be lost in case of power failure. Use PC working station or personal    digital assistant (PDA) to configure and test the parameters or perform communication    on any upper system supporting HART protocol. HART protocol uses industrial    standard BELL202 frequency shift keying (FSK) technology to realize communication    with the 1200HZ2200HZ digital signals overlapped on 4 ~ 20mA. The frequency    signal at the time of communication will not disturb the process signal. This    intellectual capacitor – type transducer may perform online real – time    diagnosis. The transducer has a presetting value of 3.9mA in the factory    before delivery if it has 21mA or 3.9mA output.



      ? ? ? Features of Product ? ? ?


      ☆ High accuracy, good    stability


      ☆ Compact structure, light weight, solid and vibration resistant

      ☆ Good compatibility, compatible    with the products in accordance with HART protocol made by the other    companies


      ☆ Support the user to    use handheld unit 272 / 275 of PC for commissioning of software and for real    – time instrument configuration during the instrument is running.


      ☆ May perform    processing of intellectual linearization for pressure signal to ensure higher    accuracy of measurement.



      HM3051 Intellectual Differential pressure transducer

      ? ? ? Functional    Indicators ? ? ?

      Medium to be measured:

      Liquid, gas, or vapor

      Range of measurement:

      0 ~ 0.125KPa ~ 40MPa

      Signal output:

      4 ~ 20mA (expressed    with a code E)


      4 ~ 20mA, overlapped    with HART digital signal (expressed with a code S)

      Power supply of energization

      12 ~ 45V DC (24V DC    generally)

      Load characteristic:

      RL ≤50 (VS – 12)    Ω 

      Indicating gauge:

      Optional pointer type    gauge and LCD

      Explosion – proof:

      a. Explosion –    isolating type d II BT4


      b. Intrinsically safe    type in II CT6

      Measuring scale and zero point:

      Externally and    continuously adjustable

      Positive and negative immigration:

      The lower and upper    limit of the scale shall not exceed the scale limit after positive and    negative immigration.


      Maximum positive    immigration: 500% of the minimum measuring scale


      Maximum negative    immigration: 600% of the minimum measuring scale

      Range of temperature:

      The range of operating    temperature for the amplifier: -29 ~ +93℃


      The measuring element    filled with silicon oil: : -40 ~ +104℃


      Flange –type    transducer filled with high – temperature silicon oil: : +15 ~ +315℃; that filled with    general silicon oil: : -40 ~ +150℃

      Static pressure and overloading pressure:

      4, 10, 25, 32MPa


      Relative humidity (RH)    0 ~ 100%

      Volume intake capacity:

      < 0.12cm3

      Damping (step response):

      Continuously    adjustable, between 0.2s ~ 1.67s generally when filled with silicon oil.

      Starting time:

      2s, preheating is    unnecessary.


       ± 0.1% FS; ± 0.25% FS; ± 0.5% FS

      Dead zone:

      None (≤ 0.1%)


      Not exceeding the    absolute value of the basic tolerance for the maximum scale within six    months.

      Influence of temperature:

      Zero position    tolerance is ± 0.1% / 55℃,    the total tolerance is ± 0.2% / 55℃.

      Influence of vibration:

      On the any axial    direction, the tolerance is  ± 0.05% / g    of the upper limit of the measuring range when the frequency of vibration is    200Hz.

      Influence of power supply:

      Less than 0.005% / V    of the scale output

      Influence of load:

      The load has no    influence to it if the power supply is stable.

      Influence of installing position:

      0.24KPa zero point    tolerance may be generated, as a maximum, but it may be corrective, without    influence to the measuring scale.


      Isolating membrane:    316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, MONEL, or tantalum.


      Gas exhaust / liquid    discharging valve: 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, MONEL


      Flange and joint:    Electroplated carbon steel, 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, or MONEL


      O – ring contacting    medium: NBR, fluorubber


      Liquid filled: Silicon    oil or inertia oil


      Bolt: Electroplated    carbon steel


      Enclosure of    electronic parts: Low – copper aluminum alloy

      Pressure – leading connecting part:

      The connecting screw    hole on the pressurized vessel or chamber is 1 / 4 ~ 18NPT, the connecting    screw hole on the pressure – leading joint is 1 / 2 ~ 14NPT.

      Connecting hole of the signal wire:

      G1 / 2


      Approximately 3.5kg (excluding    accessories)

      Standard accessories:

      The flanged joints, gas    exhaust valves and liquid discharging valves and one book of instruction    manual have been provided for all the variants in the factory before    delivery.





      Instructions for Placing an Order

      1. Please indicate the    value of immigration in case of positive and negative immigration.
      2. Please separately    indicate if the differential pressure transducer should be provided with    three – valve set and throttling device.
      3. You shall determine    according to the selection chart of the different remote transferring flange    (as needed) if you should select the remote transferring transducer.
      4. If the remote    transferring transducer should be used under vacuum and high temperature    condition, please specially indicate when placing an order.
      5. The O-rings contacting    medium are made of NBR and Fluorubber etc.






























      Product selection


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