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      Location: Home>Products Introduction>Differential Pressure

      HM1151 Capacitor -type Differential Pressure Transducer


      HM1151 capacitor -type differential pressure transducer adopts advanced technology and equipment that we introduced from the foreign countries, of which key raw material, elements and components are imported and strictly assembling and commissioning has been made for the complete machines. It features advanced design principle, full specifications and variants, and simple installation and operation etc. The intellectual series has been researched and developed lately are a kind of intellectual transducer more suitable condition of China, featuring very strong operating value. This series of product has widely been used for such industries as petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, food, paper making, medical and pharmaceutical, and mechanical manufacturing etc.

      Features of Product

      Application of Product


      ☆ High accuracy, good stability
           ☆ 4- wire system    (specially)
           ☆ Solid elements, tie    – in PCB
           ☆ Compact structure, light    weight, solid, and vibration resistant
           ☆ Externally    Continuous adjustment of range and zero point
           ☆ Positive immigration up to 500% and negative    immigration up to 600%
           ☆ Adjustable damping
           ☆ Good single – way overloading protection    characteristics
           ☆ Without moveable mechanical components and small    maintenance workload
           ☆ Full series of unified structure and with strong    interchangeability of components
           ☆ Optional material of membrane contacting medium (such    corrosion – resistant material as 316L,    TAN, HAST – C, MONEL etc)
           ☆ Designed with explosion – proof structure, may be    operated under any weather condition

           導線: Lead
           電容… Capacitor Pole Board
           中心… Central Measuring Membrane
           剛性… Rigid Isolator
           硅油Silicon Oil
           隔離… Isolating Membrane
           焊接… Welding Seal

      ? ? ? Working Principle? ? ?

      The process pressure is transferred to the central measuring membrane of    δ chamber through the isolating membrane on both sides or one side. The    central membrane is a tensioned elastic element, which may generate    corresponding deformation displacement for the pressure difference on the    both side applied on it, of which displacement is direct proportion to the    pressure difference. The maximum displacement is approximately 0.1mm. This displacement is    converted into a differential capacitance formed on the capacitor pole board    and the differential capacitance is converted into 2 – wire 4 ~ 20mA signal    output through electronic circuit.



      HM1151  Capacitor -type Differential Pressure Transducer

      ? ? ? Functional Indicators? ? ?


      Liquid, gas, or vapor

      Range of measurement:

      0 ~ 0.125KPa ~ 40MPa

      Signal output:

      4 ~ 20mA

      Power supply of energization

      12 ~ 45V DC (24V DC    generally)

      Load characteristic:

      Related to the power    supply of energization. The load impedance RL has a relationship to the    voltage of the  power supply: RL ≤50    (VS – 12) Ω 

      Indicating gauge:

      Pointer type with an    indication 0 ~ 100% scale, LCD display (0 ~ 100% linear) and square root    indication 0 ~ 10 scale.

      Explosion – proof:

      a. Explosion –    isolating type d II BT4


      b. Intrinsically safe    type in II CT6

      Measuring scale and zero point:

      Externally and    continuously adjustable

      Positive and negative immigration:

      The lower and upper    limit of the scale shall not exceed the scale limit after positive and    negative immigration.


      Maximum positive    immigration: 500% of the minimum measuring scale


      Maximum negative    immigration: 600% of the minimum measuring scale

      Range of temperature:

      The range of operating    temperature for the amplifier: -29 ~ +93℃ (: -25 ~ +70℃ for LT type)


      The measuring element    filled with silicon oil: : -40 ~ +104℃


      Flange –type    transducer filled with high – temperature silicon oil: : +15 ~ +315℃; that filled with    general silicon oil: : -40 ~ +150℃

      Static pressure and overloading pressure:

      4, 10, 25, 32MPa


      Relative humidity (RH)    0 ~ 100%

      Volume intake capacity:

      < 0.16cm3

      Damping (step response):

      Continuously    adjustable, between 0.2s ~ 1.67s generally when filled with silicon oil.

      Starting time:

      2s, preheating is    unnecessary.


       ± 0.25% FS; ± 0.5% FS

      Dead zone:

      None (≤ 0.1%)


      Not exceeding the    absolute value of the basic tolerance for the maximum scale within six    months.

      Influence of temperature:

      Under the maximum    scale: zero position tolerance is ± 0.1% / 55℃, the total tolerance is ± 0.15% / 55℃.


      Under the minimum    scale: zero position tolerance is ± 0.1% / 55℃, the total tolerance is ± 0.2% / 55℃.

      Influence of vibration:

      On the any axial    direction, the tolerance is  ± 0.05% / g    of the upper limit of the measuring range when the frequency of vibration is    200Hz.

      Influence of power supply:

      Less than 0.005% / V    of the scale output

      Influence of load:

      The load has no    influence to it if the power supply is stable.

      Influence of installing position:

      0.24KPa zero point    tolerance may be generated, as a maximum, but it may be corrective, without    influence to the measuring scale.


      Isolating membrane:    316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, MONEL, or tantalum.


      Gas exhaust / liquid    discharging valve: 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, MONEL


      Flange and joint:    Electroplated carbon steel, 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, or MONEL


      O – ring contacting    medium: NBR, fluorubber


      Oil filled: Silicon    oil or inertia oil


      Enclosure of    electronic parts: Low – copper aluminum alloy

      Pressure – leading connecting part:

      The connecting screw    hole on the pressurized vessel or chamber is 1 / 4 ~ 18NPT, the connecting    screw hole on the pressure – leading joint is 1 / 2 ~ 14NPT.

      Connecting hole of the signal wire:

      G1 / 2


      Approximately 5.4kg (excluding    accessories)

      Standard accessories:

      The flanged joints, gas    exhaust valves and liquid discharging valves and one book of instruction    manual have been provided for all the variants in the factory before    delivery.



      Product selection


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