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      HM27 Vacuum / Absolute Pressure Transducer


      HM27 series of vacuum / absolute pressure transducer is a new series of product specially used for vacuum measuring control released in China by German HELM, which fully has solved the problem of difficult vacuum measurement. This series of product has three variants i.e. HM27G negative pressure transducer, HM27A absolute pressure transducer, HM27CA capacitor thin – membrane absolute pressure transducer, which has widely been used for such fields as pharmaceutical, medical equipment, airspace and aerospace, scientific research, leakage detection, accessories of automation equipment. HM27G negative pressure transducer adopts HELM mono – crystalline silicon thick – membrane sensor, provided with high – accuracy signal processing circuit, with performance stability and reliability, which has solved such disadvantages of domestic diffused silicon – type negative vacuum product as unstable signal and short service life. The normal ranges are 0 ~ 100KPa and 0 ~ 50KPa etc.

      Features of Product

      ☆ Fully provided with German HELL made high – accuracy sensing elements, with maximum accuracy up to 0.1% FS 

      ☆ Stable and reliable performance, may be continuously operated for a long time, with good long – term stability 

      ☆ May apply to measure corrosive medium under special requirements 

      ☆ Strong overloading immunity ☆ Fast response 

      ☆ May be used for hazardous site, with intrinsically safe type Ex ia II CT5 

      ☆ Structural diversification, design may be customized at the customer’s special requirements.

      Application of Product


      HM27A negative pressure transducer adopts    such new high technologies of German HELM as advanced absolute pressure chip,    temperature automatic compensation, and normalized circuit commissioning etc.    to expand the absolute pressure range to 5KPa, as a minimal, and to greatly    enhance the overall accuracy of the product. This variant features advanced    technology, superior performance, reliable quality, small dimensions. It    features more advantages and high ratio of performance to cost comparing with    the same type of domestic absolute pressure product.
                 HM27CA    capacitor thin – membrane absolute pressure transducer is a vacuum pressure    gauge made in China    through introduction of capacitor thin – membrane from German HELM and    internationally advanced calibration and production equipment. This product    adopts the capacitor capacity changing principle to work, of which minimum    scale may be up to 0.02MPa ~ 200MPa of absolute pressure, without influenced    by the category and composite of the medium to be detected when detecting, with    output of standard electrical signal, may be remote transferring, easily    intellectual control by micro – processor. It is ideal for measurement of low    vacuum pressure.

      Technical  Data

                 Medium to be measured

      The gas or liquid, and    compatible with 316 stainless steel

      Type of pressure

      Negative gauge    pressure (G),  silicon – type absolute    pressure (A), capacitor thin – membrane absolute pressure (CA)

      Overloading capacity

      Two times for negative    gauge pressure, several dozens to several hundred times for micro - scale absolute    pressure

      Measuring range

      Negative gauge    pressure: 0 ~ 5KPa…-_50KPa…-100Kpa
                 Silicon – type    absolute pressure: 0 ~ 5KPa…10KPa…20KPa0 ~ 100KPa…200KPa…1Mpa
                 Capacitor thin –    membrane absolute pressure: 0.02Pa ~ 200Pa. 1Pa ~ 1KPa

      Overall accuracy
                 Non - linear, repeatability,    lagging

       ± 0.1% FS

       ± 0.25% FS

       ± 0.5% FS

      Long – term stability

      Typical:  ± 0.1% FS / year

      Maximum:  ± 0.1% FS / year

      Range of operating    temperature


      Range of Compensating temperature



      Ambient temperature



      Zero point temperature    drifting

      Typical:  ± 0.01% FS / ℃

      Typical:  ± 0.15% FS / ℃

      Sensitivity    temperature drifting

      Typical:  ± 0.01% FS / ℃

      Typical:  ± 0.15% FS / ℃

      Range of power    supplying

      12 ~ 36V DC (    generally 24V DC)

      Signal output

      4~20mA / 1-5V DC / 0~5V DC

      Load resistance

      ≤(U - 12) / 0.02Ω

      Enclosure protection    degree

      Plug type (IP65);    cable type (IP67)

      Safe explosion – proof

      Ex ia II CT5

      Tolerance of vibration

      ≤ ± 0.01% FS(Axles X, Y,    and Z, 200Hz / g)


      Infinite small    (theoretical), 1 / 100000 (general)

      Response time (10% ~ 90%)


      Product selection


      Vacuum / Absolute Pressure Transducer


      Guideline of Selection

      Vacuum / Absolute    Pressure Transducer


      Type of pressure

      Gauge pressure (G, may not be indicated); absolute pressure (A), capacitor    thin – membrane absolute pressure (CA)




      Measuring Range



      0 ~ X KPa or 0 ~ X MPa







      Overall accuracy (linear + repeatability + lagging)







       ± 0.5% FS







       ± 0.25% FS







       ± 0.1% FS









      Signal Output (Standard power supply of energization









      4 ~ 20mA (12 ~ 36V DC)









      1 ~ 5V DC (12 ~ 36V DC)









      0 ~ 5V DC (12 ~ 36V DC)









      0.5 ~ 4.5V DC (12 ~ 36V DC)











      Additional functions











      M20 x 1.5 external thread











      G 1 / 4 external thread











      Clamped type






















      Cable type (IP67, 2m)











      Socket type (IP65, DIN 43650)











      Airspace and aerospace plug











      Flushed membrane type











      Intrinsically safe explosion - proof type Ex ia II CT5













      HM27   A( 0 ~ 10KPa)


      — 1

      — A1

      — F1

      — W2 Vacuum / Absolute Pressure Transducer

      Tips of Selection

      1. The medium to be measured shall be compatible with the material contacting with the product.
      2. The code E, an additional functional code for selection, and intrinsically safe explosion-proof Ex ia II CT5 must be power supplied via safety barrier.
      3. Please contact us in case of the other special requirements and clearly indicate them when placing an order.


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