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      About Us

      Nanjing Helm Sci-tech Co., Ltd was established in 2006 jointly owned by German HELM to professionally engage into R&D and production of pressure measuring and controlling instruments. German HELM is one of the earliest manufacturers of sensors in Europe. At present, Nanjing Helm Sci-tech Co., Ltd has introduced the advanced production technology and equipment as well as strict quality standards of the products and ODM cooperative concept to China from German HELM so that HELM pressure / differential pressure / liquid level sensors and transducers.

      The products are fallen into six categories totally several dozens of series with several hundred of variant, which have widely been used for such industries as aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, power station, manufacturing automatic equipment, medical, pharmaceutical, and food etc. 

      The Company has rapid developed since its establishment so that some of product series have been produced in a scale way, which have unique features different from the others in the industrial flow control field. The Company has an enterprise spirit “We made pioneering efforts to create a world-class enterprise through continuous improvement” and is market-driven and developed with technology. We also insist our service commitment “Integrity forever” and always follow the concept “Communication, Cooperation, Common Progress”. We have established comprehensive technical communication and cooperation at all levels with HELM. We synchronously make improvement together with international art-of-the-state technical level and make common development with cause of pressure measurement and control in China.  


      HM10 High - accuracy Pressure Sensor |HM31 Differential Pressure Transducer |HM20 General - type Pressure Transducer Description |HM22 High - accuracy Pressure Transducer |HM23Y Special Pressure Transducer for Oilfield and Mining Well |HM27 Vacuum / Absolute Pressure Transducer |HM29 Digital ? Intellectual Pressure / Differential Pressure Transducer |HM50 Anti - corrosive Pressure Transducer |HM60 Anti - explosive Pressure Transducer |HM70 Hygienic Flat - membrane Pressure Transducer |HM80 High - temperature Pressure Transducer |HM90 High - frequency Dynamic Pressure Transducer |HM91 Micro Pressure Sensor and Transducer |